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Frequently Asked Questions

1. My child is in school and I need an after school appointment. Is that available?

"After school" and first of the day appointments are in high-demand. At this time those times are filled. I occasionally have cancellations; priority is given to established clients.


2. Do you take Medicaid?
As of 9-13-23 I am not accepting any new Medicaid clients.
3.  Where are you? I can't find your office.
Do not GOOGLE my address. It is wrong and will take you to my old office. I am trying to have this corrected. I am inside Hampstead Medical Center directly across from McDonald's.


4. I am here for my appointment and I can't get in. What do I do?
The doctor downstairs from me closes early and will lock the door usually around 2 or 3 pm. If you arrived and can not get into the office send me a text. I will probably be in a session, but if I am expecting you I will let you in the building as soon as I can.


5. Does my child need therapy? I don't think play therapy is right for my child since he's not talking with you or playing.
That is the beauty of what I do. Kids don't need to talk or feel pressured to talk. In addition to play therapy, I do Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (if they think they are too "old" to play). Kids with trauma may often seem distracted and will often shut down when it comes to talking directly about issues close to them or feelings. THIS IS OK! What is important is that we build a rapport and a connection where they feel safe and worthy. We will go from there.


6. How do I refer to you?
The quickset way is to e-mail me. I will send you a link to get started. My forms are now in electronic version.


7. Do I need a doctor order?
No you do not, however Tricare may require an authorization as of 7-1-23.


8. How often does he need to come to therapy?
Initially weekly sessions are ideal to build rapport. After this, weekly or every other week sessions are the most common course of treatment. Consistency is important.


9. I don't think my child is doing anything, but playing. What are you doing?
PLAY is a child's language. Children communicate through play and I assure you every encounter with me is therapeutic on some level. What they may say is "play" is more than likely non-direct Child Centered Play Therapy (refer to videos, Dr. Garry Landreth).


10. Does my child need to be at intake?
No, this is with just the caregiver.


11. Will I be a part of my child's session?
This will depend on our goals. If I do THERAPLAY, then yes. I usually do a combination of direct and indirect play.


12. I would like to talk before the session about what is going on. Can I do that?
To update me on anything new I request that a weekly parent form be completed prior to our session.  You may also emaiI me with any changes or updates.  I prefer not to take time away from the child's time.  We can set up a parent session to discuss issues more in depth and problem solve if needed.


13. Can I bring other children with me?
I do not mind if you need to bring other children, but the therapy room is for the client only. If I need you to be a part of our session, other children do not need to be present as this takes away from treatment.  It also my policy that the therapy room is for the client only.


14. Do I correct my child in session if they are not listening or following directions?
No. Therapy is not a time to correct or educate a child. All behavior has a purpose and what they are or are not doing is important to me. I will redirect if needed and make sure they are safe. They need to understand that my office is a safe space where they will not be judged on what is "wrong or right" and that all feelings are okay.  
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